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Traditional Noh Mask Photography

We at Noh Art are passionate about traditional Noh mask photography, and we want to share that passion with the world through our unique photographs. Noh (pronounced “no-uh”) masks have a long, rich history as a part of Japanese theater, and now more people from all around the world are admiring their unique beauty. Here are some of the things that make Noh masks so special.

The History of Noh Theater

Noh theater began to be performed in the 14th century, and it is still performed today. It incorporates drama and dance, and a major feature of these plays are the masks that the actors wear. The masks are made with neutral expressions, and it is up to the actor to portray certain emotions through their actions and mannerisms. There are many famous collections of Noh masks that contain masks that are several hundred years old.

Characteristics of Noh Masks

Noh masks are made from a single piece of Japanese cypress and come in over 400 varieties that differ depending on the age, social status, gender, or human or non-human status of the character. Some masks are designed to leave parts of the face, such as the jowls and chin, visible. The eye holes are made to be very small, which can limit an actor’s range of vision.

Usage of Noh Masks

In Noh theater, only the main actor wears a mask. Although the mask is created with a neutral expression, it can change expressions when placed in different positions, tilted up or down, or placed in different types of light. When used by a talented actor, the mask can be very expressive. Noh masks are very valuable, and they are passed down within families.

Noh Mask Photography

We have long appreciated the beauty of traditional Noh masks, which drew us to photograph them. We portray Noh masks with a modern twist, often photographing them with boats, glasses, and hats. Each picture is unique and represents the blending of the past with the present. To learn more about Noh masks or our approach to photography, reach out to us today.

Noh masks are a beautiful part of traditional Japanese theater that everyone can appreciate. We are dedicated to sharing the beauty of Noh masks with the rest of the world through our photography. Email us at to purchase a print or to learn more about traditional Japanese Noh theater mask photography.

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0015                           0016                           0017                           0018                           0019                           0020                          0021


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0029                           0030                            0031                           0032                            0033                           0034                            0035


00036                         00037                         00038                          00039                         00040                         00041                         00042


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